VR NOW Con 2017 - meet VR-lovers and professionals from all over the world!

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Would you like to submit a project? If not, why?

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  1. Dominika

    Dominika Neuankömmling

    21. September 2017
    Hello VR community,

    my name is Dominika, working for Booster Space in Berlin. We are the makers of gamesweek in Germany. I think we have an event that could be a great oppurtunity for some of you to meet other enthusiast and professionals from the community.

    We are currently organising the second edition of VR NOW Con + award show, which takes place on November 15+16th 2017 in Berlin/Potsdam.

    The conference addresses the very latest impulses and trends in the Virtual Reality industry, including Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 360° Video.
    And the best thing is, you can still summit your VR/AR/XR projects, movies or tools for an award till 1st of october! Here is the link:

    VR NOW Awards 2017 Application
    The VR NOW Awards 2017 celebrate outstanding technical, business, and artistic achievements in virtual reality. They are part of the VR NOW Con & Awards, taking place in Potsdam/Berlin on November 15+16, 2017. www.vrnowcon.io Please note that...

    For more information about our event please check: http://www.vrnowcon.io/

    Let’s connect all over the world and share our work and passion! <3

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me