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    Our History
    2002: the 1st factory which mainly produces organic -S and -P chemicals came into operation.
    2010: We had our own R&D center which is leaded by professors from Qingdao University of Science and Technology. This is a great progress which make us developing faster and stronger.
    2011: Because of the strong R&D support and hot market demand we have the 2nd factory which mainly produces polymer additives, specialty chemicals and some intermediates.
    2013: We step into gas sensors field through introduced a group of professional team which has around 10 years experience in this field.
    “Quality Comes First”is our belief. stable consistent quality is one of the most important elements for our long term developing. Besides, we pay a lot of energy on R&D to keep innovative and meet customers’new requirements. together with 5 class professional services, we have been long term golden suppliers for many worldwide customers.
    Our Factory
    Land occupation: around 150,000M2
    Employees: around 120 in total
    Raw materials: around 25,000mts
    Polymer additives: around 15,000mts
    Specialty Chemicals & intermediates: 2,000mts
    Gas Sensors:more than 100 different kinds products available
    Our Product
    Our main products includes
    Bleaching agent, catalyst, antioxidant for Rosin industry,
    Vulcanizing agents, Antioxidants, Light Stabilizers, UV absorbers, photoinitiators, Phenolic Resins, Chain Extender, Clarifying agent, Organosulfur Compounds,Gas Sensors and Detectors etc
    Product Application
    Our products are widely used in rosin, rubber, plastic, ink, automobile, electricity, adhesive, pharmacy, lubricants industry,gas detecting etc.
    Our Certificate
    ISO 9001:2005
    Production Equipment
    5000m3 Reactor GL
    3000m3 Reactor GL
    2000m3 Reactor GL
    1000m3 Reactor GL
    0.15m2 Pressure filter SUS
    0.3m2 Pressure filter SUS
    Centrifugal separator SUS
    Double-conical vacuum drier SUS
    Double-conical vacuum drier GL
    Flash Drier SUS
    Distillation tower SUS
    Clean Room, Class 100,000
    Shimadzu GC
    MP apparatus
    SP apparatus
    Production Market
    Main market such as Asia, USA, South America, EU, CIS, Africa etc
    Turnover in 2017: around USD20,000,000
    Our Service
    We will provide every customer high quality products, quick delivery, professional technology guideline and high effective cooperative support jobs.Specialty Chemical