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    NHI introduced technology and began production of S and N series of two series of fan mill products in 1979 from the German company EVT. It is mainly used for grinding lignite which is easy grinding, volatile and high water, light abrasive. In 2004, to meet the large-scale requirements of China's power plant thermal power units, we introduce MB-type fan mill technology from the Russian Saslan (TYAZHMASH) heavy machinery plant. The wheel diameter are Φ3600mm, Φ3850mm and Φ4100mm. It is mainly equipped with 600MW and above Installed capacity of large thermal power units. During the introduction of technology and cooperation manufacturing process, NHI has fully mastered the main two forms of fan mill technology which is current operation in China.
    type description
    performance list
    No.Project nameCapacityMill modelqty
    1Huaneng Yimin second phase2×600MW MB360016
    2Huaneng Jiutai power plant2×660MW MB360016
    3Huaneng Yimin third phase 2×600MW MB360016
    4Luneng Baoqing power plant2×660MW MB360016
    5Laos HONSA power plant2×660MW MB410024
    6Fulaerji thermal power plant1×350MW MFQ34006Power Plant Equipment suppliers