polyester Cotton Fabric

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    CVC 55% cotton 45% poly fabric
    55% cotton 45% polyester fabric is a kind of effective cotton/polyester twill fabric. The 55% cotton 45% polyester lightweight cotton rich fabric shows better breathable and hygienic properties. It is perfectly suitable for producing working apparel such as medical clothes, scrub suits and uniforms.

    Weight : 150 GSM Composition : 55% cotton 45% polyester
    Finish : Crease & Wrinkly Resistant Finish
    Weave : 2/1 twill
    Key Features
    ·Suitable for industrial laundering
    ·High abrasion resistance
    ·Good colour fastness
    ·Easy care finish
    ·Oeko-Tex certified
    Colors Optional
    Please contact us for more information on the colour range.polyester Cotton Fabric