PET preform bottle injection line manufacturers

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    introduction for PET Preform Plastic Injection Molding Machine
    1. Precision hydraulic synchronous template adjustment system
    2. Optimized design of high-strength precision clamping structure, rigidity and precision of clamping unit
    3. Large-scale color screen high-precision computer system, precise control, easy to operate, a variety of operating languages are available. High-precision displacement sensor system, temperature control accuracy, large-capacity data storage and date protection
    4. Balanced double injection cylinder eliminates oblique torque, reduces deformation of screw and barrel, prolongs the service life of screw and barrel, and optimizes plasticizing effect. Multi-pressure, machine injection at different speeds, large capacity hydraulic motor.
    Screw diametermm354045
    Screw L/D ratioL/D24.52118.7
    Shot weightgram158206260
    Injection capacitycm3173226286
    Injection pressureMpa235180142
    Theoretical injection rateg/s110143181
    Plastic capacityg/s13.819.727.1
    1. Saving energy-saving injection molding machine.
    2.PET Injection molding machine. For bottle perform.
    3.High-speed Injection molding machine.
    4.PVC PPR pipe fitting Injection molding machine.
    5. Two Color Injection molding machine.
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