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    Perfume Sampler Vials
    Item: PV-G02-D11.5, PV-G02-D8
    Borosilicate glass material
    High performance of stability
    Great for offering small, convenient, single use samples
    Rayuen Packaging offers a broad assortment of glass vials with different capacity and size at screw neck and crimp neck, perfume vials are fabricated from borosilicate glass fitted with fine mist spray or screw cap with insert, glass vials can be a great solution to package sample size perfume products such as fragrance mist and perfume oils.
    Glass perfume sampler vials are the best way to promote and sell perfumes, and glass perfume vials are available at plain or customized to your requested, just try adding custom graphic printed on the sample perfume vials which could bring an impressive feel on your customers.
    Basic information:
    Product codePV-G02-D11.5PV-G02-D8
    Fill capacity (ml)3ml2ml1.5ml1ml0.5ml
    Height of Vial only (mm)51mm44mm58mm45mm35mm
    Diameter of Vial (mm)11.5mm11.5mm8mm8mm8mm
    MaterialVial - borosilicate glass
    Screw cap with insert - Plastic
    ColorVial - clear, amber, or color painted
    Screw cap with insert - standard or custom color
    Minimum order qty10,000pcs each.
    High performance of stability and barrier;
    High perspective and light weight;
    Refillable, reusable and 100% recyclable.Perfume Vials manufacturers