Lotion Bottle Made in China

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    10. April 2019
    Product Name:Round Glass Lotion Bottle
    Volume:40ml 100ml 150ml
    Neck size:18mm
    About the product
    ● Clear Glass Euro lotion Cream Bottle
    ● Ideal for Lotion cream, Perfume, Lab Chemicals
    ● Good quality glass, safe packaging, cheap price
    5, wired glass. It is a kind of anti-impact flat glass made by embedding a wire or a metal mesh in a glass plate by a calendering method, and only forms a radial crack when impacted, and does not cause injury to the underarm. Therefore, it is mostly used in high-rise buildings and strong buildings.
    6, insulating glass. The two glasses are kept at a certain interval by the bonding method. The air is dry in the interval, and the periphery is sealed with a sealing material. It is mainly used in the decoration project with sound insulation requirements.
    7, laminated glass. Laminated glass is generally composed of an organic glue layer between two sheets of ordinary flat glass (which may also be tempered glass or other special glass) and glass. When damaged, the debris still adheres to the glue layer, avoiding the damage caused by the debris splash. Mostly used for renovation projects with safety requirements.Lotion Bottle Made in China