Conical Heads factory

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    Conical Head (also called the tapered tank head) is widely used for vessel bottom or cover plates. Our conical head is often made with carbon steel, stainless steel and non ferritic metals that can be cold worked. With the shape of concentric cone, the conical head consists of a large end cone and a small end.
    Its main material is carbon steel, joint weld then rolling, then flanging finishing, the conical head stress condition is bad than the half spherical head, oval head and disc head, adopt its structure type is, when the working medium has granular,powder material or thick liquid in the vessel, it is helpful to discharge those material, also liquid even distribution, change the rate of flow.
    Surface treatment: Natural color , sandblasting , mirror polishing , acid pickling ,etc
    Size: Can be customized,drawing customized is the best.
    Height: Based on product size
    Connection: Welding
    Tectonics: Hot pressing, cold pressing
    Materials: Ferritic, austenitic and non ferritic metals.
    Fabrication Method: Cold dishing and flanging or pressing.
    Dimensions: Up to 8,000 mm diameter and 20mm thickness.
    Edge preparation: According to your requirement.
    Packing: Wooden cases ,wooden pallet , steel frame or as per customers requirement
    1. Pipe end caps is parts of the pressure vessel.
    2. Be widely used at the ends of the pressure vessel and the pipe.can also be used to seal of a welding pipe fittings products.
    3. Wine,Beer,Juices,Food
    4. Laboratory Medical, Medical Device,
    5. Chemical Industry ,Painting IndustrialConical Heads factory