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    ◆ Our Factory
    Heze Sirloong Chemical Co,.Ltd is a new chemical enterprise with integration of R&D, production and marketing. Products cover four major sectors such as refrigerant, fluoride, hydrocarbon compounds and chemical materials. The main products are isobutane R600a, propane R290, propylene 1270, isopentane R600 and cyclopentane. Our products are widely applied in the field of refrigeration, energy, electronics, scientific research, medical intermediate, laser technology, aerospace technology, metal smelting and cryogenic refrigeration with customers in Europe, America, Middle East and South Asia.
    Sirloong Chemical is located in the country of peony-Heze, it is a marketing company of Puyang zhongwei Chem. The factory is located in Yuwang Industrial Park, Fan County, Henan, it covers an area of 133,200 square meters. We have a marketing team with high-quality, sophisticated sales skills and excellent service awareness. We take responsibilities to provide safe, fast and efficient product delivery service and look forward to cooperating with you to build a better future.
    ◆ Product Application
    1. Refrigerant 2. Foaming Agent 3. Catalyst 4. Aerosol 5. Propellant 6. Propellant 7. Chemical raw materials 8. Pharmaceutical intermediate
    ◆ Our Product
    1. Isobutane R600a 2. N-butane R600 3. Propane R290 4. Ethane R170 5.N-pentane R601 6. Isopentane R601a 7. Cyclopentane 8. Methane 9. Propylene R1270 10. Ethylene R1150 11. Isobutylene 12. 1-Butene 13. 1-Hexene 14. Carbon tetrafluoride 15. Trifluoromethane 16. Sulfur tetrafuuoride 17. Sulfur hexafluoride 18. Octafluorocyclobutane
    ◆ Our Certificate
    ISO 9001
    ◆ Production Equipment
    Chromatograph, Karl Fischer Microcoulomb etc.
    ◆ Production Market
    Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia and Central Asia etc.CAS:74-84-0