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    10. Mai 2019
    Mini UHF duplexer repeater 10mhz spacing for walkie talkie BJ-851

    1.Specification of repeater

    Frequency Range:400-490 MHZ ( Frequency spacing :10MHz)
    Frequency Spacing10MHZ
    Duplex Band Width1MHZ
    Modulation TypeFM 16F3
    Operating Voltage12-14V
    Currentstandby current : 0.3A Rx current : 0.8A Tx current :3.0A
    Frequency Stability≥2.5 PPM
    Channel Spacing25KHZ
    Weight Approx 2kg

    2.Specification of Duplexer
    Frequency Range (MHZ)RX:453.5---456.5MHZ TX:463.5---466.5MHZ
    Frequency spacing10MHZ
    Max Output Power (W)10W
    Receiving End Insertion loss (dB)≤2dB
    Transmitting End Insertion loss (dB)<1.5dB
    Transmitting-Receiving End Isolation (dB) ≥65dB
    Max VSWR1.5
    Operating Temperature Range-30-----+60°C
    Frequency StabilityApprox 2.5ppm/°C
    Matched Impedance50Ω
    Simplex Sensitivity≥0.3uv(12dB SINAD)
    Duplex Sensitivity<3dB
    Squelch Sensitivity≥0.2uv
    Spurious Radiation-75dB
    Intermodulation Rejection-75dB
    Residual Noise-45dB
    DEMP FO6±3dB
    Audio Output Power4.0W
    Audio Distortion<5%
    Working Modereceiving mode
    Output Power5-10W
    Spurious Radiation≤80dB
    Residual Modulation-45dB
    Audio Distortion<5%
    Max Modulation5KHZ
    Pre-emphasis Frequencies6±3dB
    Working ModeTransmitting Mode
    CPU Controller
    Automatic Repeater Setting
    MIC and PTT control
    PC Programming
    CTCSS and DCS

    Note:1.the repeater have MIC ,but it not standard accessories
    2.the repeater just can do 10mhz ,you should choose 10mhz from 400-490mhz ,like 410-420mhz,422-432mhz,445-455mhz and so on.
    3.the repeater software just can change channels frequency and CTCSS .but the factory should be in factory setting . if the repeater is finished ,you will can not change the frequency(like 410-420mhz,422-432mhz).
    4.the repeater need antenna .the antenna need to put in the highest place ,the signal will be good.
    5.the repeater need a cable to contact the antenna .the cable can not too long ,the cable will reduce the repeater power.
    cable need -9 (is good ).




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